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Pick the reddest neck

I find myself in need on an heir poll somewhat sooner than expected.  I haven't figured, nor, if I want to post this soon do I have time to figure out how to make an actual poll.  So please just post with the name of your favorite:
Starting with the youngest.  Shelly is a Leo 7/10/5/6/5.  She spends most of her time drawing on the toddler table with Hunter.
She is the daughter of founder Brie and spouse Jody.

Hunter is an hour older than Shelly, a Capricorn 10/7/1/10/7.  He spends most of his time drawing on the toddler table with Shelly.
He's the son of spouse Jody and a polination technician.
Jodie!  She's an Airies 6/8/8/8/5.  Right now, she's mostly focused on good grades.  She's the daughter of spouse Jody and his boyfriend Jesse.
Jessie, Jodie's twin.  She's a Taurus, 6/7/1/6/4.  Also mainly focused on grades.  She's the daughter of spouse Jody and his boyfriend Jesse.
Lija!  Pisces 5/5/10/6/9  He's the kid who brings EVERYBODY home from school.  He's the son of founder Brie and her boyfriend Peter Ottomas.  (Did I really need to say that?  Look at that face.)
Beau, the cause of this all.  Family/Cheese, LTW top Culinary.  Capricorn 7/6/1/10/6.  He prefers females with blond or red hair who don't clean, but he's not at all picky.  He's currently sleeping with Angelica and April both, and has Angelica, at one day to adult, knocked up.  April is college bound, and about to leave.  Son of founder Brie and spouse Jody.
Tayler, Pleasure/Cheese, LTW 50 1st dates.  Pisces 7/0/10/0/10  No love interests, prefers males with glasses who are good at cleaning, no swimsuits.  Makes the best faces.  (Angelica had just announced her pregnancy.)  OTH is Tinkering.  Daughter of spouse Jody and a different polination technician than Hunter.
Morgan, Pleasure/Cheese, LTW top Slacker, Capricorn, 2/4/8/8/5.  Prefers males with makeup and mechanical skills, but not fat.  No love interests.  OTH is nature.  She was making sparkly hamburgers in her jammies at the time of her picture.  Daughter of founder Brie and spouse Jody.

So there are your options, folks.  It's entirely possible that Lija will end up with a step-sib.  He's just two days away from teen.
What I really need to know is if Angelica should leave before having the baby or not.  If you pick the slut--I mean Beau--then she'll stay at least until the baby's born.  She might even be the spouse.  So, with that said, Angelica:
Angelica Sims, showed up at Brie and Jody's wedding and never left.  She's Family/Popularity with a LTW of 6 grandkids.  A Scorpio 6/5/8/3/3.  She likes anyone except elders, especially if they wear cologne and have a hat on.  She's very prickly.

I'm not concerned that anyone will run away--they're all bff with the adults and at least one sibling.  The younger kids could roll knowledge, of course.  Brie and Jody are past childbearing, but not yet elders, and permaplat from the genie, they'll probably be around a while yet, so if you think Hunter or Shelly is just the most adorable little sim ever, go for it.  I'd be happier with a sim who didn't slouch or pass gas on plates, but whatever.
I use TheSilverLining's hair genetics mods, which explains every unexpected hair color above.  I was tired of all my generational challenges having nothing but black hair.

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